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6/25/2016    THE REASON WHY STOCK MARKET TANKS:       People must be stupid ........
The Reason Why the stock market went crazy on Friday was not because of UK brexit or Donald trump...... but because of the RUSSELL 3000 and RUSSELL 2000 yearly evaluation of the stock market which other portfolio managers and hedge fund managers readjust their gains and losses!

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U.S. Population  
? 318,200,430
Update: 327,319,855         

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U.S. National Debt  
UPDATE:  20,858 trillion
& counting

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World Population  
? 7,115,569,450
Update: 7,458,656,400


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                            3/13/2013 -    God has choosen
                         POPE FRANCIS ( JORGE BERGOGLIO )
                   For a troubled world to bring Peace, Care, & Love.
             He is the 266th PONTIFF in the churches 2000 year history.
       The lord has brought him to us in these difficult & troubled times!
                           I believe he will do the world good.
                              ( Good Luck POPE FRANCIS )
                           God will be with you and guide you 
                            through these troubled times ahead.

09 /04 / 2015

09 /04 / 2015

03 /17 / 2018

   Economy news: As Of 10/08/15........... 62% of all americans have less then  
         $1,000.00 in a savings acount.......the top 2% Made Millions and Billions
    .....Steven Hawkins says we, and the world are in big trouble as machines take
         over our jobs, and big business make higher profits..... he's right on.

   Stephen Hawkins Claims Trump is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest  
   common denominator. Meaning stupid and clueless people! But this 
   Remains to be seen, as he may lead with a heavy stick, stay tuned.

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     TRUMP is now our President, If you like it or not. He won the election
                         ((  100 percent of the population vote  ))
                                        TRUMP:    26.9 Percent of the vote
                                      HILLARY:    27.1 Percent of the vote
            People who didn't Vote:    46    Percent of the vote 

        So in actuality he did not have the approval of the  American people   
        he will have a lot to prove and a lot of problems to solve ahead.
        Be prepared for if he is not careful we are looking at wars in the horizon.
        and an  economic problem coming in Aug-Sept.  (( Revised because of
       changing   wealth the rich will be richer and the poor poorer ,economic problem
        will come later right now they are still draining the buget.
        Tax cutting only makes the rich and company's wealthy unless they give 
       their workers raises to spread it out into the economy and complete the circle 
       of what go's around comes around!   The top 2% have 60 percent of the wealth.
                       ((((  Beware for every action their is a reaction. ))))

      We will see what will be done for the working middle class -- stay tuned!

                                                                     U. S. P. S.
               I'd like to say thanks to all the employees at the USPS  VMF's
               In Long Island, New York, New Jersey, &  Connecticut.
                 You know who you are, wishing you all the best!  
                                        THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

                                      AUG 19th Saturday
         21714  24th ave
         BAY SIDE, QUEENS N.Y. 11360

            Swim Club over looking Little Neck Bay
            BAND DRAMA At 5:00pm
     MICHAELJELVIS  22 min. show at 6:00pm
         BAND DRAMA back on At 6:30pm


     02 / 02 / 2018
                 Never believe what you hear, as the truth!   The source is usually where the truth lies! 
                 Finding out the source comes with wisdom!  So don't jump to conclusions, figure out
                            The truth for yourself!  MAKE  AMERICA GREAT !  Think for yourself!

                                 The Meaning and Purpose of Life
                 Your here by a miracle of  GOD!  Live for today! Use your god given gifts and achieve
                           Goals & purpose, Make Humanity better, and greater, for now, and the future!


                        When life hands you lemons ask for a rum and coke or make lemonade!

                        When one door closes another one opens, so hold it open for others.

                      Remember This: everynight someone is thinking about you, before they go to sleep,
                     And if your a good person, and they hate you. It's because, they want to be like you!
                     And if your a bad person, and they hate you, it's because you really SUCK !!! 
                           (( So much wasted time, Enjoy Your Life,  Day By Day,  Don't  waste time! ))



                                                      A SCHOOL SHOOTING FIX 

         The only solution will be to minimize the percentage of people that will be hurt by
      These so called, deranged mental patients or terrorist. You will need brave souls
      I call them ( Designated Worriors ) Security, Teachers or designated person.
      Each school would need 4 specially designed carts that can be mobile and locked
      Down with a 9 mm hand gun or a small rifle in a SPECIAL ARMED CASE that opens
      With a code or finger print and sets off an alarm to the other carts and school, so
      That the ( Designated Warriors) would put on a bullet proof vest with big numbers
      1,2,3,4, and so on as needed in bright colors so when police get there they don't
      Shoot each other! Remember if every teacher carries a gun, it's only a matter of
      Time that he or she will shoot a student by accident or intentional or a student will
      Grab their gun! I have given you a lot to think about! This can also work in movie
      Theaters, stadiums, malls, hotels, buildings, airports and so on. Gun manufacturers
      Should consider this safer model and design a special gun & case for this purpose!

                     In THE STOCK MARKET !!!
if you fear what's going on with trade wars, move it
to a safe place for now like ETFs which pay
about 1.5 or a little higher its ( safe zone)