8 /20/2012 
How much do Americans spend on Lottery Tickets every year? $57,000,000,000     (yes,   57 Billion  )
Thats an average of  $500.00 per House Hold

 (( RED ))
01 / 01/ 2013 

(( Looking For Jobs ))
As of 3/ 29 /2011:
Plan to look for new Jobs
between the ages of 18 - 34

   U.S.  interest
    per Citizen

Fuel and Diesel prices over $3.00 01/01/2011:
passing breaking point 
Breaking Point is: $3.10 to $3.30

Thanks to JP Morgan Fuel prices are going up.
every body say thank you for nothing!
The Stupid Economist Say we can swallow
this rise in fuel prices but I know plenty of people that can't and are in trouble so if you think, things are getting better, think again!
as of 4/3/2011
Average Price fuel in U.S.is now


U.S. Recipients of food Stamps As Of: 01/01/2011:
43 million People
you know somethings not right. That's 1 in every 7 think about that

Time is running out but we can still turn this mess around Before It gets to late 
expect your home value to go up as it will keep gaining value you will have more equity. And don't let these Idiot's from CNBC , Bloomberg, & other's suck you into the market by telling you everthing is o.k. cause it's not! Nothing has been fixed just moved to a later date. If anything it's made worst but with new tecnology it may change!

U.S. Population As Of 07/02/2012:

World Population As Of 07/02/2012:

The National Debt
has continued to increase an average
of over
 4 billion A Day

  U.S. Foreclosure
 Rate as of:    01/01/2011:
Currently Now: 
No one knows the
true figure, but doubling
 it gives you a better
 count with people
who are in trouble

What each citzen owe's as Of :   01/01/2011:

U.S.  Unemployment Rate: 01/01/2011          
9.8 Percent   
Currently Now:
      7.8 Percent  <        Double it to get the true number. People who have lost beneifits are still unemployed and Should be counted!

Stock Market going up
  get ready to be screwed  again by 11/20/2011
DOW Currently reached
on 4/20/2011: 12,810
  The  Dow Will Drop ByThousands

I Warned you.  I was right again!
In Oct. 2011 Dow hits low 10,565

It keeps climbing with  the help of the U.S.  Gov. That's not the way it should work!
it's a false since of security. We are Top heavy for the most part That's what's wrong.  the middle class is being squeezed. The dollar is not circulating Fast thru the communites like it should be!
We can fix it. Yes we can. Time is running out 

U.S. Average Federal Job Makes: $108,000.00
Per Year

U.S.  We Must have over 3% GDP
for Jobs Growth
0.3 % as of 01/01/2011
4/29/2011 Average Gas Price - -$3.91.9 a Gal.  
  When Energy Prices reach 6%
of your buget, as of 4/29/11
We are at about
The economy starts to drop,
Tank or go south!
     The Federal Gov. adds on
  18.4 cents a gallon Tax. to fuel

2/25/2011   The U.S. use's
21 million Barrels of oil a day.

             The U.S. OFFICIAL NUMBERS
UP DATES IN ((  RED )) 01/01/2013
Numbers going up ^      Numbers going down <

U.S. Population

   U.S. National Debt

    U.S. Total Debt

U.S. Debt Per Citizen

U.S. Total Per Citizen

U.S. Debt Per Taxpayer

U.S. Debt Per Family

U.S. income
( This up is good )

U.S. Official
11,915,340 <

U.S.  Actual

U.S.  State/Local

U.S.   Federal

  U.S.  Work Force

     143,494,598 <

  U.S. Retiree & SSi

  U.S. Families

  U.S. Food Stamp

  U.S. Bankruptcies- 2011

  U.S. Foreclosures- 2011

       749 ,568

U.S. Total Debt As Of 01/01/2011:
58 trillion & counting
 Currently Now:

U.S. Food Stamps recipients
As Of 01/01/2011:
 Currently Now: 

  Solutions For The Economy
            Click here
When this Door way is opened
                (( CLOSED ))

This is what I believe
The Real numbers

owed without all of their
finagling as Of      
 per Tax Payer
  Or for every person
   in the U.S. 

  (( So you want to Retire? ))
As of 3/ 15 /2011:
      74% will have to work into retirement.
   56% have less then $25,000 saved. 
  24% have less then $10,000 saved.
The Average working person will
stay working until death that's your
future, unless you get lucky and hit
the lottery!!!  ( LOL )

U.S.  Forecloser Notices:
23 percent got notices
1 in every 4 Homes
update: up 33% ^ 8/31/11 

as of 2/25/2011   4 to 5 %
are still inforecloser and
 many others are just
 trying to hang on.

14% of long Islanders
$200,000.00 per year

  U.S. Consumer Debt

     U.S. Morgage Debt    

    13,611,225,500,000 ^
    13,133,171,000,000 <

  Remember Employees
  That were on
  are still unemployed
  Just  not counted
  and not getting a check
  Remember Employees
  That were on
  are still unemployed
  Just  not counted
  and not getting a check

The Average  American
credit score is about: 620 which is fair
   750+ -  is Excellent
   660 -  749    Good
 620 - 659    Fair
   350 - 619    Poor

As of 4/21/2011
1.4 Million Vacant Homes

  I Will Open This when
 I feel The Time is right or if the dow goes below 10,000 and if they still don't get it with all the clues I sent. >>>>>>

Connecticut has the highest # of millionaires at

On The Housing Market
You will need 20 % Down &
6 Months worth of bills in the
bank. And your credit must be
great.  ( do you really think the housing market will get better? 
Not for a while. The Value of your house will have to drop to  the 1990's numbers level or your Pay must increase quite a
bit before it get's better.

This dosn't
 make sense
when they are going up
This dosn't
 make sense
4/20/2011 Dow High

CREDIT CARDS: As of 6/09/2011
Merchants are charged 44 cents per swipe of your charge cards. This
may be changing to 12 cents on 7/11/2011 
I say don't use your
cards pay cash and destroy all but
1 card for emergency's These company's are taking your money
drop your bank if you could and pay by money order if it's good for you!

As of 7/22/2011
one third of all mortgage
applications are denied.

  If the U.S. had a credit rating down grade of  1%  it would
cost you on a $200,000 Morgage about $124.00 a month  7/31/2011

U.S. National Debt As Of 07/02/2012:
16.155 trillion & counting
as of Currently Now:

This dosn't
 make sense

   As of 8/26/2011 reaches a high
  GOLD     - - - - - - $1,918   an once
  As of 4/1/2011
  GOLD     - - - - - - $1,440   an once

Gas Price  - - - - - - $3.61.9  a Gal.
  Crude per barrel - - $107.63
  U.S. uses per day - 21 million barrels
Milk         - - - - - -  $3.50     a Gal.
  Bread premuim wh. $3.99  a loaf
  4 /29/2011 Average Gas Price - -$3.91.9 a Gal.

This is not
 <   Good

Do you think this makes sense, when 41% are not working?

  We Produce 9 million Barrels of oil a day

  The U.S. uses percentage of fuel
  broken down:
   35 % Oil
   33 % Gas
   19 % Coal
   8.4 % Nuclear
   7.7 % Hydro
   1    % wind & sun & solar

last update:12/28/2011     
                    Info:  in case you didn't know?
                           Like words from Howard Beal:
                I'm as mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore!
       A Tax : We the people are being financially raped!
   They are taking your hard earned money and leaving you with less.
     Tax Break to Business : ( is Corporate Welfare )
   ( it puts them in more control of your life, not you ( as an individual )
  The health care bill:  Will not cost you one red cent remember?
   Unless you purchase or sell property, their is a 3.5% federal property tax.
   another brilliant move to take more money from you, if you plan on moving. 
   Instead of solving problems, they are making more. 

         CAP & TRADE  is : Cap Energy Use & Trade Carbon Credits -
   in other words for these's brilliant people to suck more money out of you
   with out you doing anything about it (( Wake up AMERICA !! ))
   cap & trade was a scheme started by Enron the rip-off company.
   With 9.4 unemployed and growing
   There are 41.3 million Americans on food stamps and growing tell me 
   something's not wrong!

   Quantative easing: means that they can't figure out what to do so they are going
   to release money out slowly as needed make it  feel like things are getting better until
   they leave and make it someone else's bigger problem!

   At the Gas Pump: $80 a share is $2.80 at the pump. The breaking point is
   about $3.00 a gal.  This cost affects everything.

    Credit Cards: are an instrument of transferring wealth from the middle class
   & poor to the wealthy & investor, you should think about only having
   1 for emergency's only. Get rid of them you'll be better off!
   Credit is why the country is in trouble now, their is no easy fix.
   The Top 1 %  :   Are all Billionaires ( in control of big Business )

   The Top 10% :  pay 70% of all Taxes

The Top 20 % : Make 50% of all income ( billionaires, millionaires, & investors & so on.

    The Bottom 47%:  Don't pay any taxes or very little
   Federal Jobs :  The average federal job makes $108,000.00 a year
    Financial & College: I realized that for some of you the purpose of going to college
   is to educate your self so you don't have to work as hard as the rest of us, just figure out
   creative ways to take our hard earned money. Well I say that's one of the problems.
   Their needs to be a cap put on financial people that are getting to wealthy.
   I think some of them are realizing that. How many millions is enough?
   Go into billions & you can manipulate the system . That's why company's eat up other
   company's they get bigger and have more control. To much money is control, power
   and manipulation. Their needs to be a 100 percent tax put on people and company's
   making over 1 billion dollars world wide to keep them in check!  Think of it as a 
   retirement point!

    The Stock Market: is being manipulated by financial market managers that
   can move big money big stocks, so be careful or you'll get burn. Their should be a
   limit to what you can move, that would stop them.

   X Ray Vans : The federal government has just bought 400 - 500 maybe more   
   X -Ray  vans that can look through your house and see everything that's inside 
   like all Item's, furniture, people & you taking a crap :-)  lol!.  I'm sure most will be
   used for terrorist but you can be sure they will be used on us too! I just wonder if
   the people using this equipment will be safe from radiation exposer. My guess is
   they will need vans for what may be coming.
   Gifted people with ESP:  Are in fact a Genius, maybe not by text book but their
   brain collects all information, emotions, reactions, something that's out of line will be
   picked up & reacesses. Then they conclude with the best scenario's.

    Economy: Businesses won't hire until they get busy and as I see it now
   they are doing almost everything wrong. for the most part the problem is we are 
   top heavy right now meaning most of the money is flowing at the top and the middle
   class is left holding the bag. what makes the economy grow is people consuming 
   and the dollar has to flow from one hand to the other as fast as possible it eventually
   ends up at the top of the chain.
   and the only one's consuming is the one's on the top. the middle class and poor 
   are consuming for survival needs, things that they truly need.
   Rents and mortgages or for the most part what was responsible for what's happening.
   most of what you make go's to the roof over your head!! And the top keep getting all 
   the breaks, especially wall street they are smart they screwed us! the working class.
   (( Thank you greedy brokers and bankers and insurance company's for doing this to
   the American people and the world. After all you don't work hard for your money
   you just sit behind a desk and figure out how you can screw us out of money.
    like charging $35 for a bounced check or Insurance companys charging you $2000.00  
    a year for a car that sits in your driveway, and fuel prices that are insane, and so on.))

    Deflation:  is a decrease in the general price level of goods & services.
     Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below Zero%. This allows one to buy more  
     goods & services. Deflation increases the value of money and bad for the rich or investor.
    Deflation: accurse's when the value of your house go's down in value.
    banks have cut off the flow of no down payment and unemployment is high.
    forclosers are thru the roof. Fuel prices are high gold prices are high.
    (( but don't worry they keep telling you to buy Now!   What are they smoking! ))
    (( This means you start looking at your house like a money pit that will suck you dry))
    As people keep losing jobs this will accure.
Inflation: is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods &    
    services it is measured as a annual percentage increase. As inflation rises, every dollar   
    you own buys a smaller percentage of goods & services.
    What this means is you can't buy as much for a dollar, a controlled way of taken goods
    and services away from you. This is good for the rich and investor but only to a point,
    as the investments make them richer but it becomes a strain on the economical 
    well being of the general public as they work and buy goods & services the rich &
    investor sustain their statis until the balance is tip to a point where lay-offs occur &
    a spiral down wards occurs, everything is a fine balance or the system doesn't work!
    Greed doesn't work!
   Devaluation:  Planned  or market forced reduction in the value of a currency's exchange
    value. Devaluation may improve a country's balance of payments situation by boosting  
    exports & reducing imports, but it worsens inflation for imported goods or those having 
    significant import content.

    I M F : International Monetary Fund : an international organization created for the
      purpose of :
       1. promoting global monetary & exchange stability.
       2. Facilitating the expantion & balanced growth of international trade.                           
       3. Assisting in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments for 
           current transactions.
The IMF also lends funds to countries with balance of payment difficulties, &
        provides technical assitance & training for countries requesting it. 

   Being wealthy:  doe's not mean your Smart. Being smart is finding solutions
      to problems and not at the expense of others. By todays standards being wealthy
      is if you earn $200,000.00 if your single & $250,000.00 if your married.  
      Their needs to be a cap put on the extreme wealthy world wide because they can use
      their wealth and power which comes from wealth and manipulate systems to work in
      their favor or for their own agenda what ever it may be.
    GSE : Govermental Supplimental Enterprize
                ( This is Fanny May & Freddie Mac  goverment backed morgages)
: be prepared you will need to ride out a depression coming your way
              They are not doing the right thing, their are several problems & to many 
              regulations that don't make sense and others that need to be put in place.
              This economy can be turned around but
              time is running out....


           Are you an Average American?
     38%  PLan to go back to school.
    44%  Are Married
    68%  own their own homes
    75%  have an active checking account
    70%  Are in debt for more then $10,000 are you?
    75%  have health insurance
    22%  smoke cigarettes
    28%  Of house holds make $25,000 a year
    24 -    Million Americans have diabetes

The Top 1% pay 50 percent of all taxes      
The Top 6-7% pay 60% of all Taxes
The Top 10 % Pay 70% of all Taxes
The Top 20% Make 50% of all income.
The bottom 30% pay no taxes at all.
31% of The worlds high net worth indiuiduals with 1 million bucks beyond
Their home according to a recent article
in investopedia. (( IsThis Truth or a Lie ?))
   (( Strain On Marriage ))
                   As of 2/ 25 /2011:
          Easy part is getting Married.
       The hard part is making it work.
       After 3 to 4 years #1 problem is:  
        #1 Weight Gain
        #2 Lack of exercise                                   
#3 Hygiene
        # 4 In-laws
        # 5 Lack of Money
        #6 Working to hard    

We are in a Economical Stalemate or Balancing act, and for every action, their is a reaction.
Which means when you change something it affects something else, so you must compensate for it! We are in this mess because of smart greedy dummies and they know we are in a mess and can't figure out how to get us out of it! Economist  S_CK. except for
the one in Stanford, Connecticut university professor he know's what he's talking about & he know's what's going on. Like he said only  1% of all people really know what's going on, and I agree!

2/23/2012 Dow  New  High 13,000

                  03 /09/2012 
The New Rich are now anyone with 
   a net worth Of over 2 million dollars
  The top 1.8 percent  

3/08/2012  Dow 52 week 
     Low  And  High
10,404.49  &  13,055.75

    57 % of Americans say things are going badly.
  We are not out of this mess & things are still
  going to get worst. 
  If you think Romney's the answer, He's not!
  He will take on some of the same policys that got
  us here in the first place!
  (( DId every one forget about the last party already. ))
                         (( The Republicans ))
     (( This is a big mess for anyone to get us out of! ))
         (( And Bussiness Men don't have a clue! ))
    (( And Bailing everyone out is not going to do it! ))

Short sales are expected to go up 33%
And Banks will lose 20%  

  U.S. student loans Debt

Stock Market 
  get ready to be screwed  again by 8/15/2012
DOW will drop again 
By 10/15/2012
  The  Dow Will Drop By aThousand and a half at lease. This may not happen because of Q E 3 & some morgages that are being reduced,
putting more money in people's hands.


8 /25/2012
 Americans Own 35 to 50% of the worlds Guns.
(Every house is a fortress
Guns aren't the problem,people losing it are. They feel betrayed & hopeless, this is what needs fixing! They just need to get
 their life together & move on, to something that's worth while!
And 1 out of every 132 are in prison!

6 in 10 on L.I. N.Y.strugle to pay Rent or Morgage  
10.7 Million under water with Morgages & credit
 in the U.S.
 In Manhattan N.Y.  77% Rent  23% Own
The average gas price 371.9
2 /28/2012
A one penny move at the pump is like one billion
consumer spending out the window.