It came very close to the earth and I was one of the lucky ones to see it in 1995.
It was moving west to south west it was unreal.  I don't remember hearing much
about it they were probably keeping it a secret, they didn't want people
to panic.

1 of a kind Rare Picture of World trade center taken on 6/25/1993 smoggy day
1 of a kind Rare Picture of World trade center taken on 6/25/1993 smoggy day

One of a kind Rare Picture of world Trade Center in 1993 on June 25th
On a nice day you could see the smog in the air around the city
I took this knowing their days were numbered ...... it's almost ghostly like

 I tried to help with deep water horizon I new they could cap it.
     If they didn't, It would still be leaking past September.
 I even let the white house know that it could be done
the president sent me a thank you for contacting him
which was erased from the e-mail. Now it's back
something happened, I wonder.


   Here is a  hydro camber  I  Made :                  It gives you a 1/3 free fuel per fill up like 25 to 50 percent    
                       more depending on the vehicle, just from water!
                                                    (( in   2009  ))


THE COMPUTER SNAKE :  turn your computer into a studio makes recording on tracks easyer you don't have to fiddle around with the back once this is pluged in.   (( 2001))
 My Thoughts & Predictions

last update:12/28/2011     
                    Info:  in case you didn't know?
                           Like words from Howard Beal:
                I'm as mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore!
       A Tax : We the people are being financially raped!
   They are taking your hard earned money and leaving you with less.
  The health care bill:  Will not cost you one red cent remember?
   Unless you purchase or sell property, their is a 3.5% federal property tax.
   another brilliant move to take more money from you, if you plan on moving. 
   Instead of solving problems, they are making more. 

         CAP & TRADE  is : Cap Energy Use & Trade Carbon Credits -
   in other words for these's brilliant people to suck more money out of you
   with out you doing anything about it (( Wake up AMERICA !! ))
   cap & trade was a scheme started by Enron the rip-off company.
   With 9.4 unemployed and growing
   There are 41.3 million Americans on food stamps and growing tell me 
   something's not wrong!

   Quantative easing: means that they can't figure out what to do so they are going
   to release money out slowly as needed make it  feel like things are getting better until
   they leave and make it someone else's bigger problem!

   At the Gas Pump: $80 a share is $2.80 at the pump. The breaking point is
   about $3.00 a gal.  This cost affects everything.

    Credit Cards: are an instrument of transferring wealth from the middle class
   & poor to the wealthy & investor, you should think about only having
   1 for emergency's only. Get rid of them you'll be better off!
   Credit is why the country is in trouble now, their is no easy fix.
   The Top 10% :  pay 70% of all Taxes

The Top 20 % : Make 50% of all income ( billionaires, millionaires, & investors & so on.
   Federal Jobs :  The average federal job makes $108,000.00 a year
    Financial & College: I realized that for some of you the purpose of going to college
   is to educate your self so you don't have to work as hard as the rest of us, just figure out
   creative ways to take our hard earned money. Well I say that's one of the problems.
   Their needs to be a cap put on financial people that are getting to wealthy.
   I think some of them are realizing that. How many millions is enough?
   Go into billions & you can manipulate the system . That's why company's eat up other
   company's they get bigger and have more control. To much money is control, power
   and manipulation. Their needs to be a 100 percent tax put on people and company's
   making over 1 billion dollars world wide to keep them in check!  Think of it as a 
   retirement point!

    The Stock Market: is being manipulated by financial market managers that
   can move big money big stocks, so be careful or you'll get burn. Their should be a
   limit to what you can move, that would stop them.

   X Ray Vans : The federal government has just bought 400 - 500 maybe more   
   X -Ray  vans that can look through your house and see everything that's inside 
   like all Item's, furniture, people & you taking a crap :-)  lol!.  I'm sure most will be
   used for terrorist but you can be sure they will be used on us too! I just wonder if
   the people using this equipment will be safe from radiation exposer. My guess is
   they will need vans for what may be coming.
   Gifted people with ESP:  Are in fact a Genius, maybe not by text book but their
   brain collects all information, emotions, reactions, something that's out of line will be
   picked up & reacesses. Then they conclude with the best scenario's.

    Economy: Businesses won't hire until they get busy and as I see it now
   they are doing almost everything wrong. for the most part the problem is we are 
   top heavy right now meaning most of the money is flowing at the top and the middle
   class is left holding the bag. what makes the economy grow is people consuming 
   and the dollar has to flow from one hand to the other as fast as possible it eventually
   ends up at the top of the chain.
   and the only one's consuming is the one's on the top. the middle class and poor 
   are consuming for survival needs, things that they truly need.
   Rents and mortgages or for the most part what was responsible for what's happening.
   most of what you make go's to the roof over your head!! And the top keep getting all 
   the breaks, especially wall street they are smart they screwed us! the working class.
   (( Thank you greedy brokers and bankers and insurance company's for doing this to
   the American people and the world. After all you don't work hard for your money
   you just sit behind a desk and figure out how you can screw us out of money.
    like charging $35 for a bounced check or Insurance companys charging you $2000.00  
    a year for a car that sits in your driveway, and fuel prices that are insane, and so on.))

    Deflation:  is a decrease in the general price level of goods & services.
     Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below Zero%. This allows one to buy more  
     goods & services. Deflation increases the value of money and bad for the rich or investor.
    Deflation: accurse's when the value of your house go's down in value.
    banks have cut off the flow of no down payment and unemployment is high.
    forclosers are thru the roof. Fuel prices are high gold prices are high.
    (( but don't worry they keep telling you to buy Now!   What are they smoking! ))
    (( This means you start looking at your house like a money pit that will suck you dry))
    As people keep losing jobs this will accure.
Inflation: is defined as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods &    
    services it is measured as a annual percentage increase. As inflation rises, every dollar   
    you own buys a smaller percentage of goods & services.
    What this means is you can't buy as much for a dollar, a controlled way of taken goods
    and services away from you. This is good for the rich and investor but only to a point,
    as the investments make them richer but it becomes a strain on the economical 
    well being of the general public as they work and buy goods & services the rich &
    investor sustain their statis until the balance is tip to a point where lay-offs occur &
    a spiral down wards occurs, everything is a fine balance or the system doesn't work!
    Greed doesn't work!
   Devaluation:  Planned  or market forced reduction in the value of a currency's exchange
    value. Devaluation may improve a country's balance of payments situation by boosting  
    exports & reducing imports, but it worsens inflation for imported goods or those having 
    significant import content.

    I M F : International Monetary Fund : an international organization created for the
      purpose of :
       1. promoting global monetary & exchange stability.
       2. Facilitating the expantion & balanced growth of international trade.                           
       3. Assisting in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments for 
           current transactions.
The IMF also lends funds to countries with balance of payment difficulties, &
        provides technical assitance & training for countries requesting it. 

   Being wealthy:  doe's not mean your Smart. Being smart is finding solutions
      to problems and not at the expense of others. By todays standards being wealthy
      is if you earn $200,000.00 if your single & $250,000.00 if your married.  
      Their needs to be a cap put on the extreme wealthy world wide because they can use
      their wealth and power which comes from wealth and manipulate systems to work in
      their favor or for their own agenda what ever it may be.

: be prepared you will need to ride out a depression coming your way
              They are not doing the right thing, their are several problems & to many 
              regulations that don't make sense. This economy can be turned around but
              time is running out....

             Don't worry people for all of you that listen to Glen Beck
           he recently had talk to one of the wealthiest people on the 
        planet, and he told him that we only have about 1 year before the ship
       starts sinking!  Don't worry! The ship is taking on water for the rich only
       The ship won't sink until 2015 - 2016 depending on what changes happen!!
    The rich or the so called economist don't know what's going on, but they are 
    catching on. Lowering taxes is not going to get us out of this mess!
   The only place left to go where we can turn this country around is in cheaper
   energy. A few new inventions will make this happen. I know for a fact it will
   happen.  like heating your house by hydrogen power instead of oil from other
 country's or electricity generated by the weight of water instead of nuclear power.
 I know this is hard to comprehend but it will be the future! And just maybe make
 this country great again!! The hope for our Kids!   I have so much to say but  I
 feel like I am going to spontaneously combust when I hear all the no common
 sense things going on in this great country of ours!!!
  We must think outside of the norm.

   P.S.  There is no Global Warming !!  The Sun is the only thing That changes
Our Temperature!!  We are responsible for less then 1 percent and that's nothing!!

          So you think the Economy's doing great ......... Think again !!!!!!
I don't know where Lou Dobbs is getting his information from but he's on the wrong track!
be prepared for a tumble soon ....... I think the Dow is climbing to it's peak if it passes
11,000  watch out!!  I believe unemployment will go up again in Feb & march maybe
another round of 500,000 unemployed ......  watch out for your stocks or you'll get
burned again.  I know , as of right now I'm ahead of their game!!!    Our system is being
over whelmed it's just a matter of when it's going to break. Everyone is not doing their fair
share. War sucks, fuel prices are crazy, everything is over valued, people are ripping each
other off, and the dollar can only go so far.   You can't buy 10 pounds of potatoes when
you can only pay for 2 pounds ............This is what they just don't get
But the smart one would think ahead and grow his own ......he would have 100 pounds
have plenty for himself and have some for his neighbors.
Thank god for Glen Beck he's the only one telling the truth & watch out for the
Mason's   they were trying to bring us down too.                                                         Glen beck is not crazy people listen to him 710am  9 to12noon........... I know!!  .......2015

Date: 05/31/2009  
              The economy will not be stable until the Dow hits above 9,200
             for a period of 3 months everything is so screwed up the average person
            just has no Idea. all economist are guessing they have no Idea!!!
           I believe there are people still playing around with the stock market
          so be careful or you will get burn.  The only one I will trust when it comes to the          stock market is Phil from philsgang he was the only one besides me and i knew        2  years  before him that the housing crunch was coming . And crammer was just telling you to buy ! buy! buy!   they had their own agenda.  CNBC
 This is just my own opinion !!  well just to prepare,  We are going to have a
collapse of the economy in the year 2015 give or take a year unless their is a
new invention that will help save money with expense to everyone. what we need
is cheap energy. And ways to deliver goods more cheaply and everything will be o.k.

               Congratulations to  Barack Obama our new president
     My guess is their will be change but not what every one expected
      Get ready for a ruff (rough) ride!!
        Hillary will be open to be president in 8 years or less depending on what 
        goe's on in this country .It look's like Hillary will have competition. (Palin)
 date:12/23/2008 update....  being that Hillary will be secretary of state
             her presidency looks bleek!

      Date:02/01/2009            The era of greed & waste has hit us 
                  I seen this coming back in 2006 when everyone was
                   trying to get rich off of buying houses because you
              could just sign on the dotted line. Values were way to high
              which means as people keep loosing jobs values keep falling
              people were living off the equity. Now they are in trouble

This economy is going to go very bad, thanks to the stock market & greedy speculators fuel price's keep climbing and now they are hurting people. we are all in trouble starting this winter .  government cost are going up, the dollar is to weak,and food prices going up.  Home Values are dropping .
That is where George W. Bush  went wrong, he shouldn't have let the banks
lend out money like they did .  people are just living pay check to pay check.
when houses were selling for over $400,000.00 they were taking equity out
of it.  Now they owe big time as the values are dropping. 
                         Michaeljelvis:  My Inventions, Thoughts, & Predictions
                      " Proud to be a Terrorist "         Time Square Bomber  :
                 Faisal Shahzad's excerpts from the courtroom rant after he was sentenced
                 to life in prison for his failed attempt to detonate a car bomb in time square.
                 You have to understand this is their way of thinking, any one who wants to 
                 blow them selfs up and thinks their doing it for a greater cause is just totally stupid
                and brain washed. You are given one chance at life and you want to turn your self into
              worm meat for Allah, that I don't get!  Pieces of rotting flesh, yes that is what will happen to you!
              If you choose to blow yourself up, here one second and gone the next and no one will care!
              you will be but a past memorie. ( Here are his words as he go's to jail.)

           1. If I am given a thousand lives, I will sacrifice them all for the sake of ALLAH fighting this cause.
           2. We do not accept your  Democracy or your freedom because we already have Sharia Law
              and freedom.
           3. The defeat of ( the ) U.S.  is imminent and will happen in the near future. 
           4. Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun. Consider me only a
              first droplet of the flood that will follow me.

                       (( Their will always be a problem Sharia law & the U.S.A. will not mix )) 
 ((They don't mine dying they believe in death.   We believe in Life. ))
             (( I say we give them their wish and let them meet the worms, ALLAH & 99 virgins ))  

             simply because if you understand they do things according to symbol's, Dates,& Numbers
             I believe the Date & year we have to look out for will be 11/11/2011   simply because
             the number 33 represents how old JESUS was when he died.    11/11/11 =33 
             If they hit Israel or the U.S.  hard it will be on this date with nuclear weapons or just bombs
             don't ask me how I know, I just do.  This could be world war III,but the more I think about it 
             the world can't afford a costly world war the only reason to engage is for your own survival.  
             PS : Another Day to look for soon.
       We will have to see what happens on 11 / 11 / 11 - year 11+11+11= 33

 Date : 10/28/2010
     I realize 60 % of People are stupid or just busy with everyday life so they will vote for cumo instead of someone that was going to bring real change like Paladino. (( only in new York )) LoL 
 update:02/05/2011- maybe I will give Cumo a chance being that I see
 him trying to do the right thing now. I didn't expect that!

                     Which one are you? 
  1% That have the talent to figure it all out  (unlike Bernanke who will sink us)
  10% That know what's going on around them.
  25% That know or want to know what's going on around them.
  44% Have there head in the sand or living their day to day life being busy.
  10% Just Don't Care if the sky falls down around them.
  10% That's just totally Stupid with a capital S and don't know any better.

Wasn’t there a near-earth asteroid around 1995?

The asteroid you are referring to is 1995 CR. Its discovery did catch many astronomers off-guard, and well as cause some public alarm. For the first time, modern society was forced to address the possibility of cataclysmic natural disaster from space. Prior to 1995, most astronomers and astrophysicists believed that a large incoming object would be detected long before its arrival. 1995 CR proved that this was not the case. It was first noticed on February 3, 1995, and crossed the Earth’s path two and a half weeks later. By galactic distances, it was a very near miss, 0.05 Astronomical Units (one AU is equal to the distance from the Earth to the Sun). The object was approximately 1 to 2 miles in diameter, and though the consequences of impact would depend on its composition, the collision would surely have had global effects. Fortunately, no collision occurred and the world continued quietly on with very few people fully cognizant of how narrowly the planet escaped disaster.     sent : March 11, 2002
   At Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) Dr. George Jacoby  Video Tape it on Feb,20th 1995 
and Dr. Robert Jedicke of the university of Arizona Lunar & Planetary Laboratory The asteroids

         AMAZING :  Boy next door drop the dog & broke it but
                             what we found was Mary Praying inside the
                             Dog. (( This must be a holy dog ))

Mary ^
Mary inside ^
broken tail

 02/12/2013 :    I have a solution for the schools and for all gun owners and it's not more stupid laws that take rights away from good responsible people. You have to fight fire with Water, and you can't have people armed in schools like teachers or armed guards if someone takes away or gets a hold of the weapon you will still have the same problem! But they are part of the solution!  Finger print or code ,gun  box security.

03/10/2013 : Important Note: To Gun Owners or would be Gun Owners in N.Y.
  Their is a proposal introduced to the State Assembly by Felix Ortiz ( D- Brooklyn )
That would require anyone owning a gun to aquire 1 Million Dollars of insurance for
That Gun, This will amount to about $1,600 to $2,000 Dollars per year.
If the bill is passed, Gun owners will have 30 days to get insurance.
By the same token other States are requiring everyone to own a Gun.
( This country has gone Nuts & we are ruled by these people who put out these rules
which become laws that we all follow, Here is another brillant Idea to get more money out of us, so they can spend more. I always look at the underly-ing factor!
Maybe the excuse they use is, this will help cut health cost L.O.L. .
Our Freedoms are being extingused Trailer trucks pay $75 to cross a bridge in N.Y.
How much longer before cars have to pay that! Don't you just miss those $1 tolls,
$1 per gal of fuel, $6 drive-in movies per car load, That's Freedom.


Date : 8/12/2012
Paul Ryan say's  " OBAMA is part of the problem."

Now how can he say that, when the problem was already their before OBAMA!
The republicans & greed has caused this economy to be where it is today.
OBAMA was handed a pile of manurer & now he has to make fertilizer out of it, plant the seeds, so that the vegetables will grow, so we can all eat!
This is the task of who ever was in the white house at this time!
Paul Ryan is not that smart. His plan will not work, people don't have the patients for it!
CHECK OUT THIS NOBEL ECONOMIST: Joseph Stiglitz who is now saying what I believed all along that is what's wrong with the economy. And I believe OBAMA is trying to do the right thing, to fix the problems for the American people & the world.
Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan are part of the problem not the solution, I believe they are great guys but not right for America at this time & that's the truth!
I hope smart people ain't falling for their system & solutions because it just won't work
or get us to a better place where we need to be!

Google: Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz    )and get most of the truth.
                   or when I decide to open the solutions Page coming soon!

  6/09/2016  My take on DONALD TRUMP:  
                             He is not a racist. But the way he talks is not good for being a president. He has made too many waves through out the country and the world. I like Donald Trump as a fellow American and a business man but not a president. In a way he's like a spoiled little brat rich kid labeling, and demeaning others to bring them down. So he can get what he wants, power and to preserve his wealth. His demeanor,temperment,and knowledge sucks. Instead of talking about how he's going to help the American people and the economy he talks about Bill Clinton from 20 years ago and e-mails that Colon Powell also did like Hillary and also her finances, that has nothing to do with the American people or the economy. What about his finances, and his tax plan that will benefit billionaires. He labels people lier's,crooked,little,low energy,ugly and pigs!  If he looks in the mirror he can find some of thoses traits in himself! Not to mention flip flopper! Build the wall, make them work on it,and pay for it. I have a bridge I can sell you,would you like to buy it? All of this adds up to, if you think Donald Trump will save us, your wrong. Romney would have been better then Trump. Trump dosen't want to lose,but we are looking at a loser to be. Anyone that votes for him is degrading the country. As a brillant scientific mind, Stephen Hawkins Claims Trump is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Meaning stupid and clueless people! This will be a very special election year, very entertaining!