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Has Died at the age of 65 on 12/13/07
of Cancer.  He will be missed & will
always be remembered by my family.
we send our condolences to his family
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Here are tips on Things that are bad for the STOCK MARKET
Medicaid, Social Security, The Deficit, Intrust Rates going up, War,
 unemployment, home equity(value of home is down), & Fuel -going up the engine of the economy.

Here are tips when the economy & STOCK MARKET will do good:
- watch the banking average when the index is above 108
the economy is on the up turn.
-When War is over. - when Fuel prices go down. - Intrust Rates going down - when Jobs are being created. 
- Home Equity (value of home is up, but can cause a resession by being over inflated when home values fall. )

Phils gang (go to learn how to read charts)
          (((      great on market     )))

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What may and can cause cancer :
cigarettes & cigars
Forest Fires- second hand smoke ( not proven )
Skin cancer - The sun or tanning beds
Throat - Mouth wash, chewing tobacco,and smoking
Cell phones - tumors , try keeping the cell phone
away from your body use speaker phone & ear piece
as much as possible.
Benzene: in Thinners, particle Board, Styrofoam cups 
& plates, plastics.
Extreme heat inside your car - Air it out before you get
in it don't turn the AC on right away wait 2 mins later.
Radon gas - inside your basement.
Radiation - to many X-rays, and Radiation from Power Plants.
Cancer of the blood - High power wires ( not proven )
Pesticides - don't breath or get on skin if possible
If something smells or tastes like plastic,thinners,gas,smoke & pesticides then it's not good for you stay away from it & don't breathe it in you'll be better off!


 << Check out advances against cancer!

Third wheel dance band

The Fight Against Breast Cancer
What may slow down or cure cancer :

1.Organic Green Tea
2. Folic Acid
3. Vitamin B , E ,  C ,  D ,  &  Multi vitamin
4. Omega 3 fish oil, salmon, or sardines - (they are in the water only about 6 months).
5. also Coffee
6. but best of all take  (Melatonin) before sleep, it helps to
stop the cancer roots from growing some how and reduces the cancer tumors and cancer cells by cutting of the blood supply to them.through their roots!..  

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