3/14/2011                            The Japanese Earth Quake 
                                                    I figure their will be about 15,000 to 25,000 Dead
                         My guess is their will be a melt down of some of the cores at the nuclear power plants, 
                        judging from the explosions on TV but only the people near by will be affected their will 
                          be higher radiation levels but don't worry They should be able
                          to get it under control if needed they will seal it up with concrete. 
                         The radiation released into the atmosphere will dissipates but low levels can reach California
                         but no need to fear it's the amount of an X-Ray or  a banana.

                         The best natural remedy for Radiation: is eating Tuna From a can,clams, shrimp or any seafood
                          or Potassium Iodine tablets - Taking this blocks the intake of Radiation to the Thyroid Gland
                          Taking this will make you weak & gives you Diarea, so don't take it unless necessary,
                          If you listen to the news you would think the world was coming to an end.
5/27/2011 update :
                          As many as 27,000 people are dead  &  80,000 to 100,000 are displaced
                          1 worker has died on 5/14/2011
                          Japan believe's a cold shut down of the plant is possible by JANUARY of 2012
                          They have now revealed that the # 1 reactor was a near complete melt down
                          with in hours of the disaster & that # 2 & #3 may be in the same condition ( no kidding!)
                          The people just below Russia has to worry a little bit about radiation because of the
                          wind flow that comes off Japan and goes counter clock wise up toward Russia and back down.
6/10/2011 update important :
                           Now they are saying it's worse then first thought they are doubling perimeters and people are
                           getting cancer. A rabbit was born with no ears, deformities are going to occur.
                           I wonder what some fish are going to look like now, three eyes and one fin. 
                           California needs to worry a little more, China & below Russia too depending on wind currents.

     It's about time they stopped the oil spill.
 It should be O.K. now!   Day 87 -  July 15 2010

  4/29/2011     O n the Deficit: They will raise the cap they have no choice with all the tornados and bad hurricanes to come. Long island be prepared for a bad hurricane, for it's coming! 2011- 2012
          ((  The Economy's of the world will suffer for now  ))
          ((  Oil Can Be on it's way out if we stick to a plan ))

J.P. Morgan , goldman sacs, all Oil company's of the world, China in high demand of oil, manipulation by some insider trading scams they should go to jail and rott, others, and speculators have to worry about loosing their money soon, in oil. They have caused pain around the world in their greedy ways and have forced people to find alternative solutions and one is coming. Don't worry People
soon you will be able to heat your homes with out oil for about $30 - $50 a month during the winter !! But add more to it as a way of bringing down the deficit for the good of all.      For now don't drive your cars on un-necessary trips, change your banks, and get your socks out of oil don't worry about what's going on around the world cause it won't matter they could keep their oil and figure out another way to make money. As for cars, for now you can use hydrogen systems on your gas gosling car that will save you 20 to 80 percent cost on fuel. Their will be electric cars generated by
magnetic charging systems soon to come in the near future. Don't worry the New INVENTIONS are coming soon!!
To a house and car near you :-)  Watch fuel prices go way down maybe 2015 will be looking better.  
 The National Gas Price is $3.91 a gal  4/29/2011  on Long Island it's $4.17  what a rip off!!
  So you want change, change is coming!  I can see the future clearly!

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 Current events: what I see & hear

   OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD 5/1/2011 :  What took so long? I give OBAMA credit for this one But this doesn't mean it's over yet!  
 Their  will be some wanting 
revenge so have caution! But
The next one that steps into that Spot will have an X on them and their is no where to hide!

             Now that we have passed 11 / 11 / 11
              We can thank president Obama for keeping us safe.
              Taking out the bad guys one by one, some people
               disapprove of this tactic, but it saves many innocent
               live's in the end, it has to be done.
              The way I see it, IRAN is the only threat to the world
               as of now. Something needs to be done very soon.
             The Israel's &  Palistine need's to get their act together
              for true world peace.

 10/08/2011     ((  About Drone strike ))

Senior Al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki and another American- born militant
Samir Khan were killed in Yemen by a U.S. CIA - Led drone strike.
These killing's were Justified. One was a leader of Al Qaeda and the other was a U.S. Traitor!
Anyone who doesn't understand that, is a moron!
He gave up his right's when he left this great country to be against us!

10/20/11 : National Transitional council, Military Official: Abdel Majid said on thursday 10/20/11  1:25pm That Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi has been captured & Wounded in both legs and taken away by Ambulance. 
     ( don't get me wrong, it's a good thing he's gone,  but how can someone end up with a bullet in his head when he's wounded & in an Ambulance? )

Date: 11/6/11     Asteroid Coming Between The Earth & The Moon
At it's closes point the asteroid's path will be about 201,700 miles
(324,600 kilometers away, which is 0.85 the distance between the
earth & the moon. NASA says that the asteroid will reach this point at about 6:28 PM - Eastern Standard Time - on Tuesday 11/08/11.
                                     This is NASA's Projected Path :
      http://www.nasa.gov/images/content/541440main_2005_YU55_approach.gif update:
  From Long Isand , N.Y. at about 6:23 to 6:24 pm the Asteroid 2005YU55 
could be seen passing just below the north star ( down below the left side of the moon) heading toward the little dipper & onward into space. You didn't need a telescope to
see what looked like a star moving across the night sky 200,000 miles away from earth.
     Yes I saw it like many others did, as they were looking to the night sky.

 7/23/2011   IRAN'S Nuclear scientist was assassinated  
shot dead & Killed in Tehran Today.   
     Gee I wonder how that could have happened! several, have linked him to the  
     countrys nuclear program, it couldn't have happen to a nicer guy!
     Daryough R. 35 years old. I'm sorry his wife was wounded I'm shure she had 
     nothing to do with the program. Iran insists its nuclear program is for purely
     peaceful purposes. ( I have a bridge to sell you would you like to buy it? LoL)
     I very much doubt it, they are the problem of the planet maybe not the people
     but the leaders are morans, it will back fire in their face, they will be put in place 
     one day. U.N. sanctions won't work.
            This week, Iran said it was installing newer & faster centrifuges at its
     uranium enrichment process which can be used for civilian nuclear purposes or
     to build atomic bombs .
      (( it doesn't take a brain sergent to figure out which one they choose! ))

Warning    --     95 % Chance - With in the next week or 2 months their will be very bad earth quakes in this area North eastern corner of Arkansas, Just north of Conway, Faulker & El paso. Also other area's in the U.S. may feel some!
                             (( check map below ))
Also  bad weather,Tornados, & hurricanes across the country.

Don't worry about the debt ceiling, it has to be raised.
And the president has the power to do it if needed!

7/22/2011   As of right now I see President Obama  trying to do the right thing
and the republican's trying to get an upper hand, but he's sticking to his guns
and sounding like a mad president in control, which is good. 
No he's not a communist and he's not collapsing the system, the system has 
problems right now but if not fixed soon it will be to late.  
 You have to understand the economy is very complex and less then 1 percent
truly knows how most of it works, so most of these clowns think they create
jobs because they are republicans or rich ... I don't think so, jobs are created
by people in the middle working class which have spendable cash to buy products,
with housing, fuel & food prices going up all the time they have less and the 
company's get richer, an imbalance in the economy which will not work!
Jobs are created automatically when people need products and have the money
to buy them. The housing prices and fuel is killing the economy - think about it?
unemployment will continue to climb.
housing prices will continue to drop & fuel must go below $2 before the economy
even starts to get better! Any price above $3.10 is no good!
Obama holds a few cards that no one knows about but we will find out soon
all the pieces of the puzzle haven't been put together yet!

About the republican run for the white house it's a joke!
         None of these people has what it take's to be a leader, or get us out of this mess we are in.  After all they keep blaming President Obama for this mess, when
it progress thru the republican leadership, they should blame themself's!
We need solutions not blame,or keep kicking the bottle down the road until
it breaks, and the breaking point will come in a few years, who ever the next
president is will have the weight of the world on him & it looks like it will be
President Obama.
     Herman Cain looked like he was on the right track but That ( 9 9 9 ) would
only work infavor of the rich, making the poor and middle class pay more money
while the rich keep more. It should be more like ( 5  15  45 ) 
  5 poor     15 middle class   45 rich.

 10/08/2011     ((  About Protest on wall street & the country ))

If you ask them, what they are protesting, they really don't know, they just think it was the greed on
wall street that has screwed up their way of life and everything that they were invested in.
They only know that the rich are getting richer and getting bailed out, while they don't have jobs or those's that do are struggling to survive. They think something stinks and their getting screwed once again!

Don't worry about the debt ceiling, it has to be raised.
And the president has the power to do it again if needed!

12/29/2011   As of right now I see President Obama being re-elected
                    but the economy will get worst in the next few months 
                    many lay-offs by many companys will occur!! 
                    Unemployment will go up for the coming months!
                    Iran will get into a conflick with the USA, right now they
                    are doing what they are doing to drive the price of fuel up
                    so they can finance their main objective ( the nuke ).
                    expect home prices to come down we are not at the bottom!
                  (( No things are not getting better, people have less to spend. ))


02/12/2013      ASTEROID TO PAST BY EARTH ON 2/15/2013
17,000 miles away the size of a football field.

Feb 15th 2013  -  10 Ton Meteor Traveling at 19 miles per second, 33,000 miles an hour explodes over Russian Urals, With  the light at about 10 times that of the sun, over 1,200 injured 9 kids in critical condition  from shock waves an ( Earth quaker at 6.6 ).  The force of 30 Atomic Bombs affected about 80,000 square miles. The meteor landed in lake Chebarkul. It absorb most of the punch that could have been more devastating.

Feb 15th 2013 - HAVANA CUBA :  Meteor Flies over Cuba on the same day as the Russian Meteor.  Startled residents describing a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook windows & walls. No injuries reported.

Feb 16th 2013 - Less then a day after Russian & Cuba Meteors :
another one Fly's over 5  U. S. Midwestern States at about 7:30pm a roaring fireball that lit up the night sky was seen across Southern California. 

3/11/2013 - 4.7 Earthquake ESE of ANZA, CALIFORNIA

MARCH 22nd 2013 -
  Huge Fireball Meteorite 3 foot boulder Lights up the east coast.
Friday at about 8pm a meteor passed over the U.S. The  Trajectory showed it moving From Ontario & Quebec Canada down to southern U.S., Ohio, eastern Pennsylvannia, North Carolina, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, south of New York City, West Virginia and over into the Atlantic Ocean, Toward Bermuta.

 1/5/2013 :  Syrian President Bashar Assad
   addressed the violent uprising, The  speech called ( "Beyond hypocritical")
    I Think The Other Countrys Need To Re-evaluate the situation & use their
  common cense. As I see Pictures of the rebels they do look like criminals or 
  religious extremists or maybe terrorists who are followers of Al- Qaida!
  I tend to lean toward Assadd's side Now! The world needs to get to the truth
  and Peace before, all is to late. As all is too late for some of their children who 
 are innocent! Their is no room any more for people who kill. Only kill thoses who 
 ( I KNOW GOD WANTS IT THIS WAY, Eliminate the misery before it's brought down on you and your children! )

 03/11/2012  (( THE PRESIDENT -  Will  have to deal with the economy))
Israel, Iran, Palestinians, Syria & maybe an unrest in Russia with Putin. But North Korea and Iran are clearly a problem to peace.

    As the Dow has climbed to 1300 highs it won't last long, I think people should realize this. And I could hear
    the republicans attacking him for it as I know the Dow will drop below 1100 sometime after August 15th &
    Oct. 2012   and it won't be his fault,  The key is to get the fuel prices down or their will be big problems!
    AVE. PRICE : $ 3.87 economy killer.

 Update: 11/18/2012 ---- War is near because of people who have no sense or care of  fellow
 human beings, friends, family or their children. They are not good will men. You have to defend yourself, but
also be able to know when to much is enough. The world has to get ready for massive earth quakes that may
shake some sense into them! This may be god's will, to make sense of it all!  He will show us in different ways
to make us think if the world wants to live in peace or just die off...........  he will show you change........
          About The stock market, it hasn't happen because governments has keep it from happen-ing money is
          be-ing moved to prevent the fiscal clift as they call it.  I call it making it worst! I call it a governmental mess of world wide proportions, unbalanced, unchecked, greed, selfishness, power hungry individuals, who have screwed up the systems the way we use to know it!

I see only two ways out of this mess : Get all people working at a pay rate they deserve, so they can be fruitful.
And a new invention that will save consumers money. All this stemming from the Middle Class.
The pyramid system only works for the ceo's, it keeps them at the top. The top can be brought down by a new system put in place, that if you work hard you can achieve on a even playing field. Not the way the company pyramids are set up. Their are brillyant people all over the world that will never be able to acheive their dreams
because it is hard to access the things that will make their dreams possible, one of which is money to get the tools that will bring the great Ideas out, to make life better for everyone! 

 07/01/2012  (( THE PRESIDENT -  Will  have to deal with the economy))
 ( And putting people to work. ) ( If you vote for Romney we will be in even
 deeper trouble with the economy, just remember how we got here in the
 first place!  Europe is heading on a downward spiral, fighting wars with everyone will get you no where but underground or ashes! 
I approve of Obama's surgical Strikes against people who cause harm!


 08/08/2012   updated to 06/15/2015
  Be Prepared For incoming Very Bad Weather : In the next 
  few months, Rain, Hail, Tornados, Hurricanes, and even Earth Quakes.
                        ((( And New Wars, that we don't need! )))
                                 chances are greatest between:   
                                     9/15/2012 & 10/20/2013  ( don't panic, be prepared ) 
                                 something may happen soon
but people of the world need to stop all these wars that just kill innocent people for no reason and bloody up their innocent children, They need to start solving world problems since we all have to live on this planet together.
10/15/2013  Look out in Nov. stock market should fall then rise in December
1/1/2014 And a decline to come. Nothing has changed, just a few numbers.

10/31/2012 now that sandy is over.  You won't have to worry about Hurricanes
            ((   Just Earth Quakes & Ice-ing in the U.S ))              
                     before June. & a maybe a tsunami, Twister
                     or Typhoon in parts of the world.
                Meteors maybe considered earthquakers.

11/11/2012  Their has been about 240 Earthquakes in
the past week world wide! Think ahead be ready for:
                      (( The big one! ))   still to come 

                      This maybe god's will, showing us, and making us think about what 
                         can happen, if we don't change and live on earth in peace!

   ON  9/24/2015 -- The Asteroid will not hit the Earth The Next closes one
     will happen in the year 2029, but Meteorites will still hit the earth.


 On 9/27/2015-- A SUPER BLOOD MOON eclipse

      01/20/2017   updated to 09/30/2017
  Be Prepared For incoming Very Bad Weather : In the next 
  few months and years, Rain, Hail, Ice-ing, Tornado's, Hurricanes , Typhoons,
  tsunami, Fires out of control, deserts that are changing, meteors, rivers over
  flowing and drying up,  Earth Quakes and unreal weather patterns.
                        ((( And New Wars, that we don't need! )))
                                 chances are greatest between:   
                                     01/15/2017 & 10/30/2017  
                                  ( don't panic, be prepared ) 
                                 something may happen soon
but people of the world need to stop all these wars that just kill innocent people for no reason and bloody up their innocent children, They need to start solving world problems since we all have to live on this planet together.

All People of the world need to start standing up and stop all this pain and sufferring for no reason, to innocent people and their children. 
War needs to die, and those who kill should kill them selfs, the innocent should live, god  wants it this way! 

11/11/2012  Their has been about 240 Earthquakes in
the past week world wide! Think ahead be ready for:
                      (( The big one! ))   still to come 

                      This maybe god's will, showing us, and making us think about what 
                         can happen, if we don't change and live on earth in peace!

                       Things will happen thru out the world 2016-2017
                                 (( These are world changing times ))